Comrade Hessy Phelan murdered in New York 21/01/1996


Hessy Phelan who was murdered this day in 1996. Hessy had escaped the SAS bullets that claimed the live of his comrade Colm McNutt in 1977 only to be murdered by a thug member of the NYPD two decades later.

Hessy was a former member of the IRSP and the INLA and long term political prisoner prior to moving to New York.

On 21 January 1996, a friend of Hessy’s, a bartender at a New York pub, asked her boyfriend, a New York cop with a record of excessive force complaints, to take Hessy to his apartment.

Once there, according to witnesses and trial testimony, the boyfriend shot Hessy in the head, and was convicted of manslaughter in 1999.

With many thanks to the: James Connolly Association Sydney, Australia

Below is a copy of the Irish Times about his murder

NY policeman on charge of killing Derry immigrant

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