Irish Republican Richard Behal (Part Two)

Fascinating story in Part II (Part is very interesting too) of a successful IRA attack on an advance British in 1965.

Also an interesting account of an attempt by the Irish Gombeen ruling class to reach closer cooperation with British imperialism in the run-up to the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, combined with a struggle within the IRA between emphasis on military struggle or social and economic struggle.

The work in obtaining these interviews and broadcasting them is a very important contribution to recovering our history.


This is part two of the story of Irish Republican Richard Behal who as a young man joined the Irish Republican Army in Kilkenny, he subsequently participated in Operation Harvest . (Otherwise known as the 1956-62 Border Campaign)

In 1965, one years before the 50th anniversary of the 1916 Easter rising,  Richard  was  involved in an operation to attack the British naval boat HMS Brave Border with an anti-tank weapon in Waterford . The attack caused millions of pounds of damage to the boat.

In addition, he was arrested and remanded  to Limerick prison from where he made a daring  escape using a hack-saw to cut through the iron bars of the cell window.

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