The Belfast Tunnels 1920-22

Great piece, grma!

Many tunnels in Dublin too, including the remnants in the top floor of houses in the Nos.10-25 Moore Street terrace (the one chiefly threatened by property speculation).

I’d have been interested to know which ‘armed men’ used the tunnels to enter houses and kill the occupants, though I have my suspicions and it’s not the IRA.

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Tunnelled yards in Vere Street, Belfast

In the summer of 1922, police and soldiers carrying out raids in the Grove Street area (off North Queen) reported that “…the search revealed that the yards on the Grove Street side were tunnelled the whole length of the street, and access to Grove Street could be made from Vere Street through another tunnel.” (Belfast Newsletter, 21/8/1922). The photograph above and below shows some of those yard walls in Grove Street and Vere Street (the next street over – note the same man in the cap in both photos), and appeared in the contemporary press coverage. In each case the brickwork was removed from the walls that separated the back yards of houses from each other. By doing so, people could move from back yard to back yard while hidden from view by the exterior walls.

By the summer of…

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