Crimes in Afghanistan: Fatou Bensouda’s Investigative Mission

Will the worms of the imperialist invasion and occupation come wriggling out of the can? Will the deal between Dr. Frankenstein (the US imperialists) and the Taliban monster they created help the latter to become a “legitimate” government in the land they helped ruin? Or will they be further exposed through the investigation?

Counter Information

Global Research, March 08, 2020

It seemed an unlikely prospect.  The International Criminal Court has tended to find itself accused of chasing up the inhumane rogues of Africa rather than those from any other continent.  It has also been accused of having an overly burdensome machinery and lethargy more caught up with procedure than substance.  Critics fearing a behemoth snatching soldiers from the armed forces of various states could rest easy, at least in part.

Law tends to be a manifestation of power and international law, in particular, tends to be a manifestation of consensus.  And the powerful rarely give their consent in matters of trying crimes against humanity when it comes to their own citizens.  Qualifications and exemptions abound, often cited with a certain sneer.

This explains the sheer fury and curiosity caused by the decision of the ICC’s Appeals Chamber on March…

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