When Ghandi was asked by a reporter on his visit to Britain what did he think of British civilisation, he is reputed to have replied: “I think it would be a wonderful idea.”

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Saudi Arabia

raif badawi

Raif Badawi was fined, sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison .

No doubt in conformity with Sharia Law
He received 50 lashes last Friday
A second round  was postponed for medical reasons.
His crime: Badawi established Liberal Saudi Network, a now-closed online forum that sought to encourage debate on religious and political matters in Saudi Arabia in 2008.


Flogging, Whipping, Scourging, Lashing, Caning

different names for the oldest form of corporal punishment.

Flogging has been a common punishment since ancient times.

christ scourged

Jesus was scourged before he was crucified.

In England from the Middle Ages whipping was a common punishment for minor crimes.

It was used in British Army and Royal Navy until 1881 and in British  prisons until the mid-20th century

whipped 2

Daily Mirror, London, 7 July 1954
Two men who took part in the Wandsworth Prison mutiny on May 26 got the “cat”…

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