2 thoughts on “GAZA, IÚIL/ JULIO 2014

  1. laila kent

    It is despicable what Israel is doing…the only positive thing is that in Bethlehem, where Palestinian Christians and Muslims live and work together there is a great hope….and right upon the wall where they are imprisoned is located a project written together of Peace and Hope for the future.
    Don’t just curse the darkness – light a candle. Being bitter about the ‘imprisonment’ will not change the situation, but will do damage to those who are bitter as well as their enemies.
    Create spaces for children to play and for olive trees to grow – speaking of a fertile future.
    There should be no hierarchies of pain or victimize – these create only a vicious circle of hate and resentment and the circle must be broken.
    It is vital to work with young people and women, helping them cope with trauma and work for a dignified future.

    1. Thanks, Laila. It is difficult to “create spaces for children to grow” when Zionist bombs come raining down upon them,when their schools are bombed, when they are being besieged and starved. Difficult for Palestinian “olive trees to grow” when the Zionists are stealing their land and water, polluting other land and blocking them off from their fields. There IS a hierarchy of pain and victims, recognisable by the sheer numbers of those on the Palestinian side and also by the fact that Israelis have the choice to stop oppressing the Palestinians while the latter have only the choice between resisting or being ground down.

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